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Resettable Flashback arrestor, certified to DIN EN ISO 5175, with pressure sensitive cut-off valve [PV] and visual warning, and maximum number of safety elements

- highest quality from the world market leader

- safety elements: flame arrestor [FA], temperature sensitive cut-off valve [TV], non-return valve [NV], filter on gas inlet, pressure sensitive cut-off valve [PV] and pressure relief valve [RV]

- stops supply of fuel gas in case of flashback and shows visual warning that flashback has occured, easy to reset

- every arrestor 100% tested

- BAM certified

- 63 X 120 mm, 650g

- acetylene max. 11 m³/h (free flow-off)

- fuel gases max. 128 m³/h (free flow-off)

- oxygen max. 62 m³/h (free flow-off)

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